How Powerful Pressure Washer Total Stoppage System Useful

How Powerful Pressure Washer Total Stoppage System Useful

Have you been looking for an electric pressure washer with a feature of a total stoppage system? Or you might be wondering how a total stoppage system works in a pressure washer?

Well, you have come to the right place, my dear. Here in this article, we put a lot of effort and findings to understand better the main key features of TSS in an electric pressure washer. A comprehensive description of pressure washer is given in the article.

Benefits of total stoppage system (TSS) in pressure washers?

The pressure washer's total stoppage system (TSS) ensures that your pressure washer will operate at optimum performance. It is designed to prevent damage to the engine, pump, and moving parts of the pressure washer by utilizing a mechanical seal on the pump.

Mechanical Seal To Prevent Engine From Liquid

The mechanical seal prevents the washing solution from encountering the engine. This system also adds an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion. The high-quality seals of TSS products create an airtight seal around the pump shaft and protect it for longer service life.

Pressure washers are used for commercial and industrial cleaning purposes. Pressure washers produce a jet of gas with a very high velocity, and this pressure is used to clean surfaces and equipment.

TSS or total stoppage system is an efficient feature in a pressure washer that prevents water flow even if the tap is completely closed. This feature is present in all kinds of pressure washers from different companies.

Keep Good Shape Of Your Pump

Total Stoppage System or TSS is a feature that helps you keep the pump in good shape by reducing the strain on it and ensuring a long life. It's important because pressure washers are very energy-intensive appliances.

If you can lessen the workload on your machine, you'll be able to clean long-term. Here's how it works: A special pressure sensor tells the pump when it's time to stop. When this happens, the pump stops running even before its rotating axle comes to a complete stop.

All of this is automatic, so you won't have to worry about anything but completing your task in record time.

Pressurizing the inlet water. The pressure washers with the Total Stoppage System can force the water trapped in a pipe to flow back to the machine, providing an interruption of the suction force that extracts it.

Useful Check Valve

Pressure washers are used for various cleaning projects around the house and garden, small to large. Most pressure washers come equipped with a brass, ball-style check valve installed in the discharge hose close to or at the pump.

Although some manufacturers may have moved this valve toward the gun, some models do not include a check valve. The purpose of this check valve is to create an airtight seal that prevents water from backing up into the pump and causing a total pump stoppage (TSS).

TSS occurs when there is a pinhole leak in the pump seal. When this pinhole leak allows water to backfill into the pump slowly, it pushes air in front of it (much like what happens when you blow up a balloon). The air pushing against the piston creates back pressure within the pump and quickly damages it. Therefore, the check valves are needed.