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For Trendy Kids and Moms! Girls and boys are never too young to enjoy designer kids apparel! Wearing trendy designer kids apparel not only looks amazing, feels great, and stands the test of time, but also helps kids feel confident about their place in the world. The compliments she receives today in her youth form the foundation of self-esteem that will serve her throughout her life. Wearing unique designer kids apparel makes your child the trendsetter! The trendy children’s clothing collections we feature are on the cutting edge of children’s fashion, yet priced affordably for families on a budget. Building a base collection of designer kids apparel for your child allows you to create dozens of trendy and adorable looks without breaking the bank. Browse through our collections of designer kids apparel for pieces that bring out the best of your child’s personality! Begin your search for designer kids apparel by browsing through the categories on the left or read more about some of our favorite pieces:

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Children learn how to interact in the world around them through play! Too many toys today do the thinking and creating for children, stifling critical opportunities to grow and learn. Our hand-selected collections of children’s toys encourage creativity and active play, keeping your little ones busy and learning for hours. From dress up kits, to interactive games, to ride-ons, you’ll find classic toys that kids truly love in the JuiceKids online toyshop. These aren’t play-once-and-forget-it toys, but timeless toys that your children will remember for years to come when they reflect upon the fond memories of their youth. Search for specific types of toys by selecting categories on the left or further explore some of these top-selling children’s toys:

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Pink Chicken
Pink Chicken clothing specializes in colorful patterns, fun textiles, and comfortable “no fuss” children’s clothing that always looks put together and stylish. Our clothing is fun, yet practical. Whether you’re looking for a cozy patterned hat for a newborn or a cute tank for your growing girl to sport on the beach, our clothes are sure to delight you. What begin as one mama’s quest to feed her love of design (owner Stacey Fraser is a 15 year veteran of the New York fashion scene, with previous experience with babyGap and Tommy Hilfiger among others), is now a whimsical line for children on the go! Pink Chicken’s designs are unique and adorable, incorporating various color schemes along with fun cuts and styles. In the sea of designer baby clothes available, choose Pink Chicken–comfortable, cute, natural, and “hatched” with your little cutie in mind.

Appaman clothing is dedicated to providing trendy, kid-approved clothes for your little one. Our fashions are unique, colorful, and are guaranteed to become staples of your child’s wardrobe. Appaman creator, Harald Husum, spent his childhood in Norway and uses his experiences there as inspiration for his designer children’s clothes by combining Scandinavian perspective with trendy American design and brilliant colors. Appaman clothing is both basic, yet unique. Appaman features a girls collection, boys collection, and a “mini” collection, for babies. Dress up your budding style maven or cool skater boy in Appaman tops and bottoms for effortless style, cool trend, and comfortable classics.

Chase’ n Sky
Chase ‘n Sky Clothing is dedicated to bringing you stylish, comfortable, beautiful children’s clothes from the “Big Island” of Hawaii. All of our children’s clothing utilizes the finest tailoring and fabrics to recreate classic cuts that fit little girls simply and effortlessly.” Let your little princess shine in these easy to care for beautiful children’s outfits. Our designer children’s clothing is classic with a modern twist. So treat your precious little one to one of our adorable khaki coats or comfortable cotton dresses. Choose Chase ‘n Sky for classic pieces for your wee one.

Does Putting Baby Powder On a Baby Cause Problems?

You see people using baby powder on their children all the time, but is baby powder causing your child more harm? Its a question we think about in the deep dark of our minds. One of the dark what ifs. That is to say, baby powder does a good job of keeping wetness locked in. It traps it so easily and softly. This makes many mother trust it without question. On the other hand, what is inside that make some doctors think mothers need to check the ingredients? Read more below to find out.

How Does baby Powder Harm Babies

There is a dangerous ingredient in most baby powders today. Talcum, is the ingredient you need to know about. Make sure the best baby powders you find is free from talcum. Talcum is not extremely dangerous but it is dangerous. Doctors around the world, have discovered a cause to asthma. One cause is baby powder. Not something you heard of before I bet. Baby powder can inhale into a baby’s lung and then infect the lungs. Cause lungs to get irritated then cause them to breath less air. It is not proven baby powder causes all asthma but it does cause asthma.

You should not inhale baby powder also. Your lungs might be strong enough withstand it, but are willing to get sick for sniffing baby powder. See baby powder as a tool to help your baby get clean and smell good. Do not inhale the white dust that erupts from it directly. It can cause you to have lung problems too. Please avoid sniffing close up.

What is Baby Powder Good for

Baby sounds bad and looks like something you want to throw away, but do not throw the baby powder away so fast. You need it to protect your child’s rump during infancy. Infant babies tend to poop the most. They need the baby powder more then the other younglings. Their butts are going to be exposed to a lot of dirt bacteria and possible overnight fungus. Please provide your child with the best baby powders you can afford during the beginning months.

How to Use Baby Powder Accordingly

Follow these tips and your on your way to putting baby powder on right. First, take out some baby powder and put it on your hand palm. Then, spread the powder on the baby’s belly, legs, and buttocks. Do not put baby powder on their arms, neck, face, and upper body. Keep the powder away from their nose and mouths. Powder causes lung problems. You don’t want then to smell it. You shouldn’t be smelling it either. You might as well smoke a cigar if you ignore that tip. Most importantly, put baby powder on their butts every time you change their diapers. This will help their butts stay healthy and prevent baby from getting future infections. Babies at a young age tend to be prone to high infections and catch high amounts of bad bacteria.