Best Ways to Use a Foam Cannon

Best Ways to Use a Foam Cannon

Even though foam cannons are considered the quickest and most enjoyable way to clean your automobile, there are some tricks and strategies to remember for a good job to fire as much thick foam as possible.

Tip 1: Select The Appropriate Pressure Washer

It is not always necessary to use a foam cannon; a competent pressure cleaner is equally beneficial in some situations. Because electric pressure cleaners are quieter, compact, and better to transport than gas pressure cleaners, they are an excellent choice for many applications. Gas pressure cleaners, on the other hand, often have higher PSI & GPM ratings, resulting in thicker foam & a safer cleaning. The foam cannons variety we offered, is compatible with both gas & electric pressure cleaners. And this is how we clean our cars. All foam cannons are compatible with both types including gas and electric pressure cleaners. The only thing you need to do is verify that the PSI & GPM of your pressure washer meet or exceed the criteria of the foam cannon before proceeding.

Tip 2: Use The Appropriate Safety Soap

Few soaps are specifically designed to produce thick foam, but this is not the case with all of them. Except for rinse-free, all available soaps are foam cannon or foam gun compatible. When it comes to specialty soaps, they are commonly formed to produce thick foam that can transform any vehicle wash into an all-out foam party. When it comes to car wash soaps, a variety of snow foams are considered as the first ones intended for use with a foam cannon.

Tip 3: Use Warm Water To Dilute

To produce thick foam, your foam cannon applied cutting-edge technology to create the ideal blend of air, water & soap. Aerate the soap & water combination with warm water to easily produce thick suds. Once you have done the soap dilution in your canister, do not vigorously agitate the solution. As an alternative, gently swirl the bottle to combine the solution to minimize foam buildup inside the container.

Tip 4: Don't Forget To Rinse Your Automotive

Rinse your car before you commence foaming it to save water and wear and tear on your foam cannon. In order to avoid damaging your vehicle's paintwork, you should rinse your vehicle after every use. After using your pressure washer to thoroughly clean your vehicle from top to bottom, you may continue foaming your vehicle.

Tip 5: Keep An Eye On Your Foam Cannon

When you store foam cannon with soap or water in it, calcium deposits form and reduce the quantity of foam that can be ejected. Clean your foam cannon thoroughly after each turn to remove any residue that could cause problems in the future. Empty the flask of any solution that is still in it first. Clean water should then be poured into the bottle. After that, fill it up with clean, clear water. Afterward, you can keep shooting clean water through the cannon unless no further soapy water escapes. You will be OK storing your foam cannon!