A Guide on How to Clean Your Huawei Matebook

A Guide on How to Clean Your Huawei Matebook

The use of laptops has become a regular and indispensable part of our lives. People use them in schools, offices, homes, and other places. Several laptop brands are available in the market based on your preference, like the Huawei brand, well-known for its high-quality products like laptops. Consider the huawei laptop deals when you need a laptop and get some of the best models like the Huawei Matebook at an affordable price. After buying, keeping the device clean is essential, so we look at how to clean a Huawei Matebook below.

How to Clean a Huawei Matebook

Your Matebook can be really dirty after regular contact and use. It is prone to bacteria caused by grime and dirt, so keeping it free from dirt makes it safe for use. Avoid cleaning laptops with a cloth soaked in water as you may damage its components. Instead, use the following approved laptop cleaning items that are cost-friendly and readily available. Below are the approved procedure and items.

a. Compressed air

It's ideal for removing loose dirt or debris. Have it in the designated appliance o improvise one to do the work.

2. Isopropyl alcohol

Unlike water, this solution is perfect for cleaning a laptop. However, avoid a mixture of ammonia or any alkaline, especially on the laptop screen. The alcohol should be 90% + in concentration for effective cleaning.

3. Microfibre cloths

The clothes are made of numerous fibers, which help remove dirt and bacteria from the screen. You can also use cotton buds to clean internal areas that are hard to reach.

Cleaning procedure for Huawei Matebook

After gathering every piece of equipment or product needed, proceed to the cleaning stage. Start by cleaning the inside and work on the outside last.

1. Inside cleaning

Dusting the inside compartment first ensures no dirt settles on the outer parts once cleaned. Begin by shutting down the Matebook and disconnect it from the power source. Battery removal is not advisable, especially if it's the non-removal type, as you may damage the laptop in the process.

Using an air compressor device, direct air into the crevices of the laptop, for example, ports, vents, and the keyboard taking breaks in between. This method should work perfectly, but if you spot any more dust within the cracks, take the laptop apart for further dusting or involve an expert for maximum protection.

2. Outside cleaning

The outside areas harbor more germs than the inside. Mix the alcohol with water to act as a cleaning agent and disinfectant. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray the microfibre cloth to make it damp. Wipe down the screen, ensuring you cover every corner. Do the same to the keyboard, and if the cloth seems dirty, replace it with a clean one. Use a cotton bud on areas you cant access easily. Spray it with the alcohol solution and clean it to remove all dirt. Keep cleaning until the clothes and the laptop look clean.


A dirty working environment demotivates you from working hence less productive. Likewise, a dirty laptop can stop you from using it often. Regular cleaning keeps it free of bacteria and gives it a new look. Use the products listed above; avoid plain water, ammonia, alkali, and a wet cloth. Keep it dump to avoid damaging the electronic components.