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Our “Juicy” Story

How do I begin??? From a very young age I developed a passion for clothes. I love the fact that they “inspire” you to look and feel certain ways. That they can make a drab, rainy day into a brighter one. That the same outfit (with a few twists and turns) can take you from brunch to dinner. Think for a minute, your clothing is your personality summed up in an outfit. The audience can tell in an instant what type of person you are from the bow in your hair to the boots on your feet. To me, Fashion should be up there with Biology 101. Ok, well maybe not Biology 101, but at least up there with Western Civilization!!!!

Luckily, I was able to fulfill my dreams of a career in fashion on a part-time basis working for a charming, upscale ladies boutique primarily in merchandising and sales. I worked as a corporate woman during the week, turned fashionista by weekend! This was great while it lasted. Then, first comes love then comes marriage…then my “pashion” I mean, fashion went in the direction of the baby carriage!!!! I never knew how obsessive I could become over which dress my daughter should wear or which set of pjs would make my little girl feel her best in for the ten hours of sleep she embraces every night!!! Can you imagine??? All of this time and energy spent looking and searching out that perfect outfit for my little divas! Well all of this research and shopping paid off when my wonderful, supportive husband, Robert, gave me the ok to pursue a lifelong passion of mine.. shopping for a living (of course it is hard work)!!!! How wonderful would it be if I could search the world over and offer everyone what took me days and weeks to find (and many a plane trips later), combined all in one easy one-stop shopping. And with Southern charm of course!!!! My two little girls are growing up, and as they grow, I continue to grow my love for beautiful, unique clothing, toys and accessories. The sky is the limit when it comes to children and why not nurture good taste from an early age. We teach them how to talk, write and dance the right way, why not how to dress?

I chose the name juice, because it makes me think of childhood and first words, and it reflects the fusion of the eclectic mix of taste I have all together in one place. Clothes should be original and say something about the little person wearing them. I expressed my love for fashion; now express yours. Shop juice online or come visit us in Hartsville, SC at 119 North Fifth Street!!!!! And yes, we Southerners know how to spell and say haute couture!!!!

Meg Moore, owner