In the first 6 months, maybe the mother has done well with the task of breastfeeding but after returning to work, many mothers have to choose a combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Not all mothers can breastfeed exclusively without using formula milk. There are mothers who have just given birth with little milk and because they do not have the knowledge to stimulate milk or for some reason, they have to breastfeed and buy formula at the same time. There are also mothers who have exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months but after returning to work, do not stay close to their babies often, do not have time to breastfeed, so they must choose formula milk to ensure their children have enough sources nutrition.

So how will combining breastfeeding with formula affect the baby’s development, is that a good choice? Join us to learn through the article below!

How will combined breastfeeding and formula affect both mother and baby?

Mother should remember that more or less breast milk is completely dependent on the needs of the baby, the baby sucks a lot, the mother sucks milk to store more babies, the mother will produce more milk. Conversely, if the mother does not pump, the baby breastfeeds less, the breast milk will be less and less, even after some time may be completely lost.

Can You Breastfeed and Bottle-feed at the Same Time

Breast milk has always been the best source of nutrition for babies

Breast milk can be called a “gift” for your baby, so if you lose milk, it will certainly affect your baby’s development, that’s only natural. However, not all moms after work can have space to breastfeed every 3-4 hours. Many Vietnamese companies currently do not have separate rooms for mothers to pump and store milk

The reasons why many mothers breastfeed in parallel with both breast milk and formula milk
– In addition to the reason that there is no condition to pump milk regularly, making the baby drink formula milk, there is another reason that mothers often do not believe that they have enough milk, often worried their children are hungry.

So how do you know if you’re full or hungry?

Check the number of diapers per day or the number of times the child urinates, defecation: Children often very “carefree”, will suck enough to pee, so in one day the baby will pee about 6- 8 times, poop about 3-4 times per day. Infants may have more time to pee.

Check the baby’s weight changes after suckling: Babies fed it will increase about 30-40 grams, so in 1 month they can gain about 1 kg in the first 3 months and about 0.6 kg in the period from 3-6 months old. If the mother sees her child gaining weight slowly but steadily, there is no need to worry about whether the baby has had enough breast milk or not.

The number of feeds per day in normal children is about 2-3 hours, that is about 8-12 times per day. Sometimes babies only suck a little bit, not really suckling or being hungry.

So, should we combine breastmilk and infant formula in parallel?

Obviously, with the above arguments, the answer must be no. However, there are still some cases where mothers need to breastfeed formula. For example, if a child refuses to breastfeed, for example, many mothers have a “bad taste” of milk because the diet has milk-flavored dishes. In addition, if your baby is undernourished and stunted, sometimes milk powder must be used. In addition, as the common reason above is that the mother works and does not have the opportunity to breastfeed, she can only breastfeed before going to work and after returning home.

If the combination of breast milk and formula milk is combined, how should it be combined to ensure the development of the child?

Before you decide to give your baby more formula milk, you must be aware that you may abandon breastfeeding because you are familiar with the bottle, you may also take a long time to get used to the formula or choose formula milk well with children will be an easy task … There are billions of difficulties when mothers choose to breastfeed both formula and formula.

Introduce your baby to a bottle if he decides to incorporate formula into his meals

Let your baby get used to bottle-feeding

The first task is to get the baby to become familiar with bottle feeding: From being breastfed to switching to a bottle is really lame, the mother’s nipple is warm and soft while the nipple of the bottle harder, the latch may make your baby uncomfortable. In order for your baby to get used to it, but the breast milk into the bottle and let him get used to it.

Choose a good formula for babies

There are dozens of infant formulas on the market today. If you want to choose the milk most similar to breast milk, choose Japanese or Nan milk … If you want to save money, you can choose Vinamilk Dielac or Nutifood milk powder. The concept of good formula here is that formula is suitable for your baby, so it is still important that your baby likes milk, after finishing it must have an improvement in weight, height and health.

Once your baby has gotten used to bottle feeding, start using baby formula. However, formula milk may change your baby’s schedule because the formula is more difficult to digest, it takes 3-4 hours for the baby to be hungry, and the frequency of defecation is also less. You may also need to feed your baby three types of milk to find the right one.

Many mothers think that mixing breastmilk with formula will make them not strange to have to drink 2 flavors of milk on the same day. However, this is an extremely dangerous thing, not only affecting the nutritional value but can even cause the child to be poisoned …

After a while drinking a bottle of formula, your baby may stop breastfeeding. This is the consequence that you need to anticipate, so, if possible, try your best to breastfeed for the first 1 year, when the baby is able to eat and drink, this time replace breast milk natural foods are better for your baby’s development.